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Packing Services

Boston-based, serving clients nationwide and internationally

a person providing packing services writes "kitchen" on a box ready for movingMoving your personal belongings, business furniture, or laboratory equipment to its new home takes time and effort. Trying to pack everything takes time, effort, and skill that you might not have. Hingham Moving Services provides packing services for any move, big or small, across the country.

Learn more about our moving services and get a free quote for your upcoming home, business, or laboratory move by calling 888.828.3227 today.

Hiring a Team to Help Pack

Your things are valuable, and you shouldn’t have to worry about their security during your move.

Hiring a team to help pack can save you time and stress. Our packing team will provide all the supplies needed to keep your belongings and equipment safe before loading everything into the truck or container and then moving it to the new destination. Better still, you won’t have to lift a finger—once you hire Hingham Moving Services, we’ll get everything secured and en route, whether it’s local, internationally, or long-distance.

The Packing Team Services at Hingham Moving Services

Packing services are part of our full suite of moving solutions. We are dedicated to helping you feel as secure as your belongings during the entire process.

Boxes from Big to Small

We offer a wide variety of moving supplies and cartons to help keep your items safe and secure. Some of the specialty boxes we offer include:

  • Book boxes
  • Mirror or picture boxes
  • Dish boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • TV and flat-panel TV boxes
  • Lamp boxes

No matter what you’re shipping, we make sure it’s snug in an appropriately sized box before it gets loaded.

Packing Professionals

Our team of packing professionals is experienced in moves of all sizes and packing different types of items. Even if you’re moving hazardous materials or extremely fragile items, we’ll take special care to ensure things are nested, labeled, and secure.

Coast-to-Coast Availability

We offer packing services as part of our nationwide moving services. We know trying to get your home, business, or laboratory packed up can be a daunting task, and we want to minimize disruption to your life by coming to you before your big move.

Specialized Packing Services

With decades of experience moving some of the most expensive, fragile, and heavy equipment, we know what it takes to get your business or lab to its new home. We offer packing services for frozen biological and cryogenic specimens, specialty equipment, and potentially hazardous materials.

Hiring the Hingham Moving Services team means you receive our guaranteed high-quality moving team and top-tier customer service at every turn.

The Hingham Moving Services Difference in Packing

Our team of moving professionals is dedicated to providing premium service at every point during your move—from packing your home or business to unloading it at your destination. We strive to make sure our team is set up for success by:

  • Conducting comprehensive background screenings and drug testing
  • Training every team member in detail
  • Providing brand-new moving trucks
  • Having consistent, quality communication about every move
  • Coordinating high-level insurance
  • Securing asset protection

Being the best starts by ensuring our team is ready for your move. We guarantee our team of moving professionals sets the standard for local, cross-country, and international moving services.

Hingham Moving Services: Packing in MA and Beyond

With Hingham Moving Services, you can rest assured that your belongings will be in good hands. Our team of packing professionals is experienced and dedicated to providing high-quality customer service. Whether you are moving across the country or internationally, our comprehensive background screenings and drug testing guarantee a safe move for all of your items. Contact us online or by calling 888.828.3227 today to get started with a free quote on your next home, business, or laboratory move.