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Small Shipments


Making an interstate move doesn’t have to be a hassle. Moving services aren’t just for large family homes or corporate offices. Hingham Moving Services offers small shipment services for your apartment or small home when you have an upcoming long-distance move.

Learn more about our full range of moving services and get a free quote for your forthcoming home, business, or laboratory move by calling 888.828.3227 today.

Small Moves, Long Distances

When you’re gearing up to move to a new state, there are a lot of things to consider. Official documents like your driver’s license and vehicle registration will change, the tax rate may be different, and even just finding a new grocery store will be an adjustment.

Professional small shipment services can help you focus on what truly matters in your day-to-day life while your belongings and furniture are moved with care. A good moving company will also be able to coordinate storage holding for your belongings in case your things arrive at your destination before you do.

Hingham's Small Shipments Services

We are the origin of America’s small shipment express—in 1991, we were the very first company to utilize foam insulation machines to cushion the load on containerized shipments across the 48 continuous states. Our team offers a full range of moving services suitable for small flats or homes.

Speedy U.S. Delivery with Guaranteed Dates

Minimizing the time your belongings spend in transit is a priority, and our team of experts will make sure there are no delays. We provide guaranteed delivery dates for most destinations and moves with express services to the Midwest, Florida, and the West Coast.

Complete Packing Services

Our team offers complete packing services, so you can rest assured knowing your things are in good hands. We have all the necessary materials to pack and ship your belongings carefully, including specialty boxes

International Small Shipments

We provide small shipment services across the U.S. and throughout Canada to make moving across the border a smooth experience. Plus, with experience in international shipping, we specialize in customs clearance and document services.

Free In-Home or Phone Consultations

Plan your move before you open your first box with no-cost consultations in your home or over the phone. We will tailor a moving program to suit your unique needs and your budget so you can stay on track.

Our goal is to help you feel at ease knowing your things are safe and secure while you and your family reach your new home. That’s why we guarantee fast transit, premier customer service, and a smooth experience from start to finish.

The Hingham Moving Services Difference in Shipping Small Moves

We strive to contribute to the well-being of everyone around us and connect with every community we operate in. No matter your background or circumstances, we deliver high-quality service at every turn. We ensure our team is ready for your move by:

  • Conducting comprehensive background screenings and drug testing
  • Training every team member in detail
  • Providing brand-new moving trucks
  • Having consistent, quality communication about every move
  • Coordinating high-level insurance
  • Securing asset protection

Setting the standard for customer service and a smooth moving experience starts with making sure our team is up for the task. We guarantee our moving professionals deliver premier service for your next cross-country or international move.

Hingham Moving Services Offers Small-Move Shipping Solutions

Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle, no matter the size of your home or business. With Hingham Moving Services’ small shipment services, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive safely and on time at their destination—local, long-distance, or internationally. Our team of experts is ready to partner with you for all of your moving needs. Contact us online or by calling 888.828.3227 today for more information about our full range of services so we can help make sure your move is smooth and stress-free.